Sunday, 1 December 2013

Day of the Doctor

I finally caught up with some of the 50th Anniversary Dr Who shows that were on a while back -  I missed the actual day of televisual celebrations as I had retreated from civilisation for a very pleasant Birthday weekend in the Lakes.
Anyhow, very much enjoyed the Day of the Doctor - especially Tom Baker's appearance. Nice to see the Zygons back again, although I reckon they were a little overshadowed by the events on Gallifrey. They definitely deserve their own episode at some point.
All this Who goodness inspired me to dig out my old Blacktree minis and take some fresh photos - that and a great email from fellow Oldhammerer, Lenihan inviting me to join in a Dalek Civil War game as soon as his Black Tree Design order arrives. He's assembled a mighty Imperial Dalek force so I've reinforced my existing Genesis/Renegade force and look forward to a bit of Invasion Earth action in the New Year. Oh I should mention Warlord Paul is waiting in the wings to take command of a U.N.I.T. Taskforce to try and dissuade the Dalek menace from obliterating Earth in their little spat!
Enough jibber jabber - here's some new pics of my whole Dr Who collection.

The Ancient One and his Haemovores

Davros and his tin pot Dictators.

Tobias Vaughn, Packer and his Henchmen - along with their dubious Cybermen Allies!

Good old Bill Hartnell as the 1st Doctor, along with Barbara and Ian. Damn - just realised I forgot to order Susan while she was half price yesterday!

Patrick Troughton as the 2nd Doctor with Zoe and Jamie.

The Brig, flanked by Captain Yates and Sergeant Benton plus two squads of U.N.I.T.'s finest, including a Heavy Waepons squad and two Landies.

Yates taking charge of the Bren team, while the Mortar lays down covering fire.

Warriors of the Glorious Sontaran Empire hot on the heels of one of their sworn enemies - the Rutan!

I had, and still have, vague plans for a WW2 scenario involving the Sontarans hunting for an escaped Rutan prisoner. The only complication being that the Rutan has fled to the Eastern Front and taken the form of one of the Russian soldiers - just before a big push by the opposing German Fallshirmjaeger units!

The Ice Warriors - they'll be getting reinforcements in the form of the Ice Warrior collection set - be nice to have a few more poses, especially as the Citadel chaps are a bit on the small side. Always been a favourite of mine - unfortunate placing of a burning torch in this clip though!

John Pertwee as the 3rd Doctor with the lovely Jo Grant and Sarah Jane Smith. Liz Shaw should also be joining him soon...

The inimitable Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor with Leela and K9. Oh and his bag of Jelly Babies!

The Doctor I grew up with - Sylvester McCoy and Ace with another incarnation of the Tardis - unbased this time so it can feel as home on a space ship as disused quarry!

The Silurians and Sea Devils with assorted Prehistoric friends. I wrote a series of scenarios as part of a Silurian campaign ages ago - Vengeance from Below - must get round to playing it some day...

Behold the terrible Pantomine hors.. I mean Myrka!

Ichtar, sole survivor of the Silurian ruling Triad

A NanoTyrannus from Copplestone I think. Bit more convincing than this fellow!

Sea Devil Warriors - wonder if anyone makes good Royal Navy Marines?

Classic Ral Partha Allosaurus!

 Quite proud of this guy - I love the Virgin Dr Who novel Blood Heat, and had to have a go at filling out the Silurian forces with some of the ideas from the book - hence Silurian Pterosaur riders.

Might have to have a go at this fellow from the novel's front cover...

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Who holds the Devil, let him hold him well...

He hardly will be caught a second time...

And well might the Bishop of Keinetotehierstadt mark these words having foiled Baron Kraust in his latest evil machinations!

Yes dear reader, an ancient evil is stirring here and Baron Kraust once more stalks the land. The ranks of his fell army swell with the fallen and the living dare not mention his name.

Part two of the game I played with Warlord Paul and Doug, one of his compatriots from the Harrogate club, can be found here - thanks for Gm'ing and writing it all up mate and thanks to Doug for having us over! This was all part of the Halloween inspired Night of the Living Lead games that various Oldhammer local groups got together and played a while back.

Kraust's woeful story is a cautionary tale to those who would covet worldly power and seek to bargain with Ruinous Powers, nay Death itself!

His latest outing was to come to defend the Ziggurat of Mum-Ho-thep from the forces of Khorne at BlogCon - I'll get a report posted once I've got round to sorting out the pics.

For now here's his (fairly) newly painted skeletal horde - the fantastic Skeleton Army boxed set. I've had these chaps rattling round a box for years now so it was out with the polystyrene cement and definitely time to give them a lick of paint. Oh - and I finally completed one of the Oldhammer monthly painting challenges!

Tim the Enchanter, or Bobmore Timor the accountant of Doom, as he has become more recently known...

Original banners cut from the Skeleton Army box itself (Weathering by me)!


Baron Kraust standing proudly next to his newly raised archers - shame they couldn't hit a barn door.

Assorted spooks, ghoulies and gribblies.

Kraust's pet Manticore - now slightly wary of Dark Elf repeating crossbows!

The Skull Chuckers have proven to be rather powerful and that's without even using the Screaming Skull ammunition.

I think it was Phreedh who gave me the armoured skeleton in this pic - he had a broken weapon which I turned into a nice length of chain for whipping his crew into action.

As much as I love these Carrion models, they have yet to prove themselves on the field. Dark Elf crossbows and Empire halberds have been their nemesis so far...

Lots of Deathriders! I still want some metal ones though.

Another banner cut from the original box!

Glad I found enough bits to resurrect the chariot which was in quite a state of disrepair - even managed to find some more wheels and scythes from a fellow trader on the LAF.

The Zombie Dragon...

This beastie has already earned a fearsome (if slightly cheesy and overpowered) reputation. The rules printed in an early WD are slightly over the top and I think merit a post all of their own - plus I need to leave for work in a few minutes!

Suffice to say this was a joy to paint.

And finally some more reinforcements - a cheeky little lot I secured for about £20 on ebay after a long period of abstinence (thanks for nothing Orlygg!). These chaps will be enjoying a Dettol bath soon and Kraust is already warming up the Necronomicon to get them into action!